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PLEASE follow instructions below to care for your Roses Upon Delivery:
*Fill vase about 1/2 way with luke warm water
* Pour the package of flower food provided into the water
* Take each individual rose and cut the bottom of the stem to the desired length on a 45 degree angle with a pair of scissors
* Remove leaves that will be below the water level (do not remove leaves or thorns above the water level as the rose will take in air and die)
*Ensure roses are kept in a cool place and out of direct heat or sunlight
*Do not remove and replace from water without making fresh cuts of stems
* Arrange roses and enjoy their smell and beauty
* If you remove the roses from the water you must re-cut the stem prior to returning to water
*Toronto Rose Delivery is not responsible for roses not treated as recommended

Roses are big drinkers so be sure to keep the vase topped
up with water to ensure optimal life expectancy


Rose Colour Meanings:

Red roses of any hue say "I love you".
White roses signify spiritual love, purity & humility.
Bridal white means happy love.
Yellow roses today signify joy & friendship.
Coral roses imply desire.
Orange say "I am fascinated and enthusiastic."
Purple roses signify the giver had fallen in love with the recipient at first sight.
Light pink roses imply grace, admiration, gratitude & friendship.
Dark pink roses say "thank you."
Black roses mean farewell,death.

Two roses joined together signify engagement.
Red and white roses together mean Unity.

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